AaoChat for
Business use

On-Premise Deployment

Are you are CONCERNED about your business or users data? Keep all the communication in your own data center. We can also white label it and customize the features as per your requirements.

Data Privacy

All the messages and media files route through your own servers and saved in your own database. Aao Chat On-Premise gives you ultimate control to maintain your data safety and privacy.


You can customize the application and alter the feature that suits your business requirements.

Quick to Deploy

We can deploy the entire Aao Chat platform on your premises easily there are no major changes to be done.


Import your existing users. LDAP integration allows usage of a single user account directory to log in to various applications.

On-Cloud Deployment

Be the owner of your own data and keep your data safe. We can deploy Aao Chat on your private cloud. Modify the options as per your business needs.

Data Privacy

Data privacy has always been important. Hosting your application on a private cloud keeps all the data safely with your organization that cannot be accessed by anyone else.

Quick to Deploy

We can deploy the entire Aao Chat platform on your cloud infrastructure easily there are no major changes to be done.


Customize Aao chat features when you have them on your own infrastructure, this gives you more control over your data allowing you to alter the features as per your requirements.

Scale on demand

As and when the market experiences more competition, you might need to scale your app to suit the growing or fluctuating demands. You can easily opt for an increased or decreased cloud capacity as per your business requirement thus giving you more flexibility for operational productivity.


White Label APP under your own Company Host on Android / APPLE / Web        
You Own Your Chat / Video/Audio/File (Data)        
Custom Software Integration (ERP, CRM, Any Software)        
Can Customize Features / Reporting        
Data Privacy        
Host On-Premise or On Your Own Cloud Platform.        
Tracking / Profiteering / Spying/ On your User Data        
Features customized for business.        
Full History of Chats and other Communication        
Custom AI / ML Features for Analytics & Reporting Yes No No No
Can We View / Monitor Your Data? No Yes Yes Yes

Features of AaoChat Business

Feature Customization as per requirements  
Your Own Branding  
Instant messaging  
Video and audio 1:1 calls  
Video and audio conference  
View documents/media without downloading  
Label messages  
Draft messaging  
AI(OCR) search photo/Video/Documents  
Web Access  
Scheduled Mute  
Message History Unlimited
Group Messages Unlimited
Admin only groups  
Broadcast messages  
Read receipts  
Reply on messages  
Push Notification Unlimited
File sharing Unlimited
Multiple devices per user  
Number of chats Unlimited
Schedule messages  
Draft messages  
Pin / unpin  
Secure login  
Disappear chat  
Self Destruct messages  
Add reply privately in groups